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Voice-chat moderation SDK for multiplayer games
Easy to Install
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Alerted in milliseconds
Not a single frame dropped
Child Safety
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Why moderation?


of revenue is lost when environment is toxic.


of gamers drop off when harrassed.


of gamers report toxicity.

The Optico Solution

Plug in our SDK in 4 minutes and get real-time audio chat moderation.

We detect, report and neutralize toxic behavior in 30 seconds.

$0 monthly minimum
1¢ per audio-hour

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How to install in 4 minutes

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Designed and built for safer gaming.

Optico is the force field your game needs. Easy to install and built to seamlessly integrate with existing games.

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The best child safety tool on the market.

Optico's real-time audio and video protection keep players and communities safe from online threats faster than traditional moderation.

How Optico Outperforms

Superior tech

We moderate all audio data from all players, directly from their devices.

The fastest

Depending on context, we catch a bad actor within 2-30 seconds. > 2x faster than the competition.

The most affordable

1¢ per audio-hour. 15x cheaper than the competition.


Compliance by default.

Designed to keep kids’ safety in mind and comply with the latest rules and regulations, we are here to make sure your player base can keep playing and you can keep building the games of your dreams.

California's new Kids' Code law is set to come into effect in 2024, be ready today.

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Optico Pricing - Value You Can Count On

Sign up before August 2023 to get the first 3 months free.
$0.06/hour after that.
Optico Software

Experience the comprehensive power of Optico for as low as $0.06/hour
(assuming 1 FPS capture rate for video content).

Join us today to enjoy:

Cutting-edge audio, video and debugging tools
Unlimited API calls
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Simply install our SDK today. Let Optico handle the rest.

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Frequently ask questions

You have questions, we have answers. Learn more about Optico's capabilities, data security, integration with Unity, or the compliance requirements of our software in our FAQ section. Get the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

Will Optico affect my game's performance?

No. Optico tools have been optimised to ensure minimal CPU usage and benchmarked to perform on low end mobile devices.

Why should I trust Optico?

Because we're the only solution close to true preventive moderation. We catch a bad actor in real-time, the instant they're starting to bully or harass someone. This means the damage to the victim is minimal and other users won't be exposed to it.

Do you have an SDK for Unreal Engine?


How does it actually work?

While the moderation tool is enabled, our AI engine monitors what each user says in the audio chat. Depending on context, it detects someone within 2-30 seconds from the moment a bad actor starts bullying/harassing another user. Within milliseconds after, you get an alert with the respective audio footage so you can take action. If enabled, automated actions (e.g. auto-muting) can also be triggered within milliseconds after dection.

Is my users' personal data safe?

Yes. We run on AWS, with all servers and storage being physically in the US. No human has access to the frames or audio clips sent by your app to our AI engine, unless they contain content dangerous for children. All others are immediately discarded after processing.Also, Optico doesn't have access to Personal Identifiable Data, only you do, outside of Optico. The only data sent by your app from each device are the device ID, the frame and the frame's timestamp.

Why do i need this? What do you mean by compliance?

Laws like California's Kids' Code require developers to ensure child safety is built in by default. Users manually reporting incidents, and you manually sorting through them and taking action against bad actors post-exposure won't be enough starting 2024. Plugging Optico in and letting it run in the background means your app can perform automated, pre-exposure and preventive content moderation.